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Privacy Policy

Policy The policy regarding the processing of personal data. Effective from 8 June 2020

1. The nature and purpose of the processing data. data controller

Alessi spa, whose registered office is in Crusinallo (VB), via Privata Alessi n. 6 (P.Iva IT00465840031), with a paid-up share capital of EUR 5,400,000.00, registered e-mail address (PEC):, in connection with the personal data provided by users visiting and/or registering on the website (website) or buy the product for sale on said website.

The data controller is Alessi SpA, email:

2. Purpose of processing.

Alessi SpA will process personal data provided by users for the following purposes:

(a) to enable said users to register on the website and use services limited to registered users, as well as to purchase products sold on the website and thereby make possible the completion and correct execution of purchase contracts;
(b) for administrative/accounting purposes in connection with website registration;
(c) Subject to the explicit consent of the user, Alessi SpA may send informational and promotional communications (including newsletters) about the products sold on the website and for market research purposes, also with the aim of assessing customer satisfaction degrees), by email and/or post (for so-called "marketing" purposes);
(d) subject to the consent of the user, the type and frequency of its online purchases are analyzed by Alessi SpA in order to analyze the choices and buying habits of its consumers (called "profile") in order to send information to the user and/or through Advertising material of particular interest to the user by the method referred to in (c) above;
(e) limited to the e-mail address provided by the user when purchasing the products offered on the website, to allow the direct sale of similar products without the express and prior consent of the user, and provided that the user does not exercise the following rights: as described in the art object. 3 below ("Spam");
(f) Respond to user requests.
(g) If the user who is not logged into the site abandons the purchase procedure without completing the order, the purpose is to send an email to remind the user of the possibility of completing the purchase. The legal basis for processing is the execution of pre-contractual measures at the request of the interested party.
(h) sharing of personal data necessary to interact with social networking platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. The legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of Alessi SpA to carry out these activities.
sensitive data

Alessi SpA shall not process sensitive data of users or data relating to criminal records.

IP addresses and log files

For the period prescribed by law, Alessi SpA shall store log files and IP addresses used during online purchases in order to prevent and identify any fraudulent online transactions.

3. Provision of data and consequences of non-consent to processing

To provide data for the purposes described in (a) and (b) of this technology. The 2 above are purely optional. However, since the aforementioned processing is necessary to enable users to register on the website and make online purchases available, refusal by users to provide the relevant data will prevent them from registering on the website and completing online purchases.

The processing purposes mentioned in (c) of this technology (for so-called "marketing" purposes). As stated in clause 2 above, consent to the processing of personal data is entirely optional. The absence of consent will not affect the user's ability to register on the site and/or make purchases on the site, but will exclusively prevent the user from receiving from Alessi SpA about products sold on the site (including those related to own products or services or third Third-party product and service-related newsletters, and for market research purposes, also aim to assess customer satisfaction by email and post.

No consent has been given to the processing of personal data for the purposes described in this article. Section 2 (d) above (for so-called "analytics" purposes) will prevent Alessi SpA from researching the types and frequency of online purchases by users in order to send them information and/or advertising material that may be of particular interest to them.

Provide data for the purposes mentioned in technique (f). 2 is purely optional, but any failure to provide the above data prevents Alessi SpA from responding to the user's request.

In any event, the User may withdraw any consent granted for the purposes stated in points (c) (for so-called "marketing" purposes) and (d) (for so-called "summary" purposes),

- Contact Alessi SpA at the address specified in the field. 1 or more;
- Use the relevant link displayed at the end of any email sent by Alessi SpA with promotional content. Objections expressed in this way also extend to sending communications by post.
Provision of data for the purposes mentioned in technique (h). 2 is purely optional, but any failure to provide the above data will prevent the user from interacting with the relevant social networking platform through the website.

Subject to the above, the User may exercise his right to object at any time by contacting Alessi SpA using the contact details indicated in this field. 1 or more.

4. Data Disclosure

Personal data provided by users for the purposes described in this field. Clause 2 above may be disclosed or communicated to the following parties:

-Employees and/or persons of Alessi SpA performing activities related to administration, accounting, information technology and logistical support, identifiable as Data Controllers and Data Processors
- Parties processing online payment transactions;
- All public and / or private parties, natural and / or legal persons (legal, administrative and tax consulting firms) who are in need of the communication or use it properly for the correct performance of contractual obligations related to the services provided through the website and subject to legal obligations ;
- all parties accessing the data through regulatory or administrative measures;
- to the freight forwarder and the party responsible for causing the delivery and/or collection of the purchased product;
- Companies sending corporate and other informational communications on behalf of Alessi SpA.
Any personal data provided by the user in connection with registration on the site and/or purchases from the site will not be distributed. An up-to-date list of Data Managers and Data Processors is available at Data Controller Headquarters.

5. Data storage

User data should only be stored for the period of time necessary to ensure the correct delivery of the provided service.

If the User decides to close his account on the Site, the data displayed therein shall be kept for administrative purposes for a period not exceeding three months and without prejudice to any specific legal obligations regarding accounting records or public safety purposes.

6. Access to personal data

User Ownership:

a) confirm in an intelligible form the existence of personal data concerning them and their communications; and withdraw their consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on the consent previously granted;
b) Get information:
- about the origin of the personal data, the purposes and methods of processing, the software used (if the data have been processed by electronic means);
- identifying details about the data controller;
- on the subject or class of parties to whom the data may have been communicated or have become aware in the capacity of their designated representative in the country (as data controller or data processor);
c) get:
- Updating, rectification or completion of data relating to them;
- delete, convert to anonymized form or prevent unlawful processing of data, including data that needs to be stored for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed;
- Confirmation that, with respect to its content, the above-mentioned operations have also been brought to the attention of any party with whom they communicate or distribute data, unless it is impossible to do so or the work related to them is manifestly disproportionately protected by rights;
- data portability;
d) object in whole or in part to:
- object to the processing of their data for legitimate reasons, even if it relates to the purpose for which it was collected;
- Processing of personal data provided for commercial information or sending advertising material or direct sales or for market research or market communication.
The above-mentioned rights can be exercised by making a request to the data controller, using the contact methods in the prior art.

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