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Alessi Museum



Between industry and art, the Italian design factory is gradually becoming famous in the global applied art design museum. In fact, many exhibitions have been organized in recent years to showcase the company's products. Through constant experimentation and research, Alessi has produced a large number of interesting prototypes, which, combined with numerous objects collected over the decades from around the world, reflect past Alessi designs.

Opened in the spring of 1998, the museum preserves and exhibits all objects, designs, images and materials of various types from the company's past.


The Alessi Museum, which hosts a series of cultural activities, including temporary exhibitions, loans, research, publications and lectures…

These activities are carried out in collaboration with the International Design Museum and the International Museum of Contemporary Art as well as academic and cultural institutions. Museo Alessi is one of the founders of the Italian Association of Museums and Commercial Archives (



The Alessi Museum is a collection of objects and prototypes, drawings, photographs, press releases, publications, monographs, journals and catalogs from Alessi and other companies documenting the history of residence and Italian design.

30,000 objects

19,000 Drawings

20,000 photos

1,000 designers

5,000 books

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