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Alessi believes that corporate social responsibility is reflected in conducting one's own business carefully: creating economic value, creating products that are beneficial to human beings, and "putting people first".



Alessi believes that the company's business can have a positive impact on the community environment, which is more important than profits. B Corps believe that their ultimate goal is to be more than just a profit-seeking company, but one that is committed to maximizing positive impact on employees, the community and the environment for the benefit of society. Alessi will be a way for B Corporations to transform their long-standing way of "doing business" into a formal and recognizable certification.

Social responsibility

Alessi Kids Collection

At Alessi, we believe design should be used to improve people's lives. That's why the company has been involved in a range of local and international charitable projects for some time. Since 2006, Alessi has collaborated with Ai.Bi. (Amici dei Bambini)'s multi-country projects aim to provide a better future for children without families around the world.

ban ravolo

In 2013, the project "Buon Lavoro - Urban Factory" was released in collaboration with Goodpoint. At the time, the Crusinallo factory had overcapacity and had to keep most of its production in Italy. Companies try to use their workforce more efficiently in a "different" way, running socially beneficial events and programs to benefit the communities in which they operate.


company policy

As a world-renowned manufacturer of home design brands, Alessi always considers the safety and dignity of employees and the protection of the environment. Therefore, the company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of every link in this product cycle, and ensuring that employees can put into production activities in a healthy and safe manner.

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