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Art:I have always thought of design as a creative discipline with artistic and poetic input. It brings a touch of transcendence to our consumer society, distinguishing function from emotion, surprising us and touching our souls with the beauty of our objects.


- Alberto Alessi


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Caroline Corbetta, who is also a contemporary art curator, art consultant, and journalist, told us the value of "art", that is, products can be redefined, bringing us to another imaginative and aesthetically pleasing world. world.

"Adornments are really like fish in the sea: even if you can't see them, they're there. Ornamentation is an element that can animate a static, cold object."

-Alessandro Mendini



100% Proust 

Designer Alessandro Mendini

Limited worldwide, a vase spanning design, painting and literature. A remarkable interpretation of the "Proust" decoration.

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Centennial Column

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