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Industrial process:ALESSI is between mass production and artisan workshops. In this respect, almost all production is made by machines, but these productions are endowed with craftsman spirit, because the production is neither limited by the assembly line, but also very expressive. Designer's thoughts.

-Alberto Alessi


story about it

This is a story about the emotional encounter between humans and robots, the value of production craftsmanship and Twergi.

At the Italian Institute of Technology, the interaction between Giorgio Metta and his iCub, the most comprehensive humanoid robot ever developed, which represents the interaction between man and machine that ALESSI has performed since 1921 The Partnership: Machines are an extension of the human desire to create.

"Once you put a shape on a plinth, the shape immediately becomes more important and more solid: it becomes a small monument."

-Ettore Sottsass


Sottsass exhibition

Designer: Ettore Sottsass

One of the greatest designers in Italy, a new interpretation of the language of color.


Designers: Andrea Branzi, Kuno Prey, Bortolani Becchelli Associati

The sculpture-based design series has become a representative work of Italian style.



In the first exclusive interview of the centenary, Chairman Alberto Alessi joins leading figures in international architecture on the value of industrial craftsmanship.

Centennial Column

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